Ottawa Brain Health Program

The Ottawa Brain Health Program is a public-private partnership that helps to prevent and reduce the impact of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in the Ottawa region. The program offers free and confidential screening and early detection services for people over the age of 65. It also offers information and support services for caregivers, as well as educational programs and community events.

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What Are The Benefits Of Participating In The Ottawa Brain Health Program?

The Ottawa Brain Health Program is a community-based collaborative effort that was founded in 2007. It is a voluntary, multidisciplinary program that seeks to increase the awareness and understanding of brain health issues in the Ottawa community. The Ottawa Brain Health Program provides programming and support for individuals and families, as well as organizing community-wide events and initiatives. The program offers a variety of educational opportunities, including public lectures, brain health walks, and public forums. In addition, the Ottawa Brain Health Program provides support for individuals and families who are experiencing a brain health issue. The program provides resources, such as access to medical professionals, social services, and financial assistance. The Ottawa Brain Health Program is a valuable resource for the community and is a key part of the Ottawa community.

Can I Join The Ottawa Brain Health Program Even If I Don'T Have A Diagnosed Brain Disorder?

The OBHP offers a variety of services including cognitive assessments, support groups, and education. If you do not have a diagnosed brain disorder, but you are interested in participating in the OBHP, you can join the program as a general member. In addition, the OBHP offers a number of specific membership options for people with a diagnosis of a brain disorder. To join the OBHP as a general member, you must first register with the program.

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